How to Host a Badass Vision Board Party

Almost before I’ve packed away the last box of holiday ornaments I’m reaching for the magazines and the glue sticks, ready to set my sights on the year ahead. While some people turn to planners and spreadsheets for annual goal-setting, I prefer to create an annual Vision Board.

A happy mixture of crafting and manifesting, a Vision Board (also called a Dream Board or an Inspiration) Board) is a visual reminder of what you want to focus on and accomplish in the year ahead. And, because I think crafting is always more fun in a group, I turn my Vision Board experience into a party and invite some of my best badass friends to join me.

Here are a few easy steps to help you host your own Vision Board party -

  1. Send out Invitations. For the invitations I generally use Evite - they have lots of happy and colorful New Year’s patterns that help to set the tone for the experience. I generally include a short description of what a Vision Board is along with the details of the where and when. (Note - you’ll nearly always get a few reluctant, self-identified, non-crafty folks. But this is just cutting and pasting, no serious crafting skills required). I usually plan for this to be a two-hour experience - and encourage people to drop in if they can’t stay for the whole time.

  2. Gather the supplies. I usually supply the boards (I use 12 x 12 cardstock but you can use any poster board, canvas or heavy paper), glue sticks and scissors. And, because I have a serious magazine subscription addiction I also have plenty of magazines for everyone. But it would be perfectly fine to ask your guests to bring magazines to share with the group.

  3. Sometimes a big blank sheet of paper can be intimidating. I’ve created a simple Vision Board template to help your guests get started with ideas. You can find the template and download a copy in the Resources section of the Badass Women’s Book Club website. Make enough copies for all your guests. They can use their responses on the template to help them find words, pictures and phrases for their board.

  4. Set the mood for inspiration. I usually have some upbeat music playing in the background. And, while I generally love to prepare lots of food and drink for a party, I tend to make it easy and light for a party like this - the hands are too busy crafting to stop and eat! Popcorn, veggies and small cookies or crackers work fine.

  5. Set everything out - and watch the creative inspiration take flight! There is truly no wrong way to do a vision board, no wrong area to focus on. Each board is personal to the creator - from the words, to the colors, to the layout itself. I love walking around the room to see what is being created.

  6. Remind your guests to put their finished board in a place where they will see it every day. This is the key to vision board success - the daily viewing of the dreams and goals really helps the creator focus on the success she wants to achieve.

Happy Creating all you Badass Women! Feel free to post photos of Vision Board and tag the @badasswomensbookclub! Make 2019 the year you Live Your Best Badass Life!

Gina Warner