Why You Need a Book Club in Your 2019 Plans

If you’ve been following my Badass Women’s Book Club journey this year, you’ll see that I’ve been pretty open about my belief that book clubs are a great place to build both personal and professional connections.  That was my goal in forming my first Badass Women’s Book Club gathering at Bards Alley Book Store - and I’m reminded of it every month as I greet my badass book-loving friends for our monthly discussions!

Turns out, creating these new connections is just one benefit of starting a book club. My book-loving friend (and new personal and professional connection!) Heidi Weber of the Literary Salon identifies five other compelling reasons you should make a book club part of your 2019 plans.  You can read her full blog post here.

Are you interested in hosting a Badass Women’s Book Club?  I’ve got a Launch Kit for you here.  And I make it easy for your every month by sending out book and author information, as well as discussion questions and other helpful resources.

Or, maybe you are already in a great book club? If so, then you’ll want to check out Bring Some Badass to Your Next Book Club Meeting! It’s a fun guide filled with tried-and-true ideas from the Badass Women’s Book Club!

 Here’s to Happy Reading - and Connecting - in 2019!

Gina Warner