If You Liked the Book, You'll Love the Podcast (and Vice Versa!)

September 30th is International Podcast Day! Books + podcasts = a match made in heaven for those of us to like to take in all the content in all the forms! While I’ve been a #booklover4ever, I was a bit late to the podcast train. I’ve only been regularly listening for the last two years – but now I’m totally hooked, making up for lost time, and always eager to share enthusiastic recommendations with any and everyone!

But, with millions of podcasts out there, how do you find a new listen? Or - if you’re new to podcasts - where do you even start? Below I’ve pulled together some great books by badass women authors who also host a podcast! I’ve even included some episode recommendations to get you started!


On the podcast Unladylike co-hosts Christen Conger and Caroline Ervin dish out weekly episodes full of authentic, inclusive female edutainment. Each episode starts with a question that C&C tackle with their trademark obsessive research, stories from rule-breaking ladies and a solid shot of delightful feminist rage.

Check out the February 4th episode on How to Slay Sexism Like a Professional.


How to Fail with Elizabeth Day is a podcast that celebrates all the things that haven’t gone right. Every week, a new interviewee explores what their failures taught them about how to succeed better.

Check out the July 2nd episode with Fleabag creator and star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


On the podcast Throwing Shade Co-hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi take a weekly look at “all the issues important to ladies and gays”. It’s informative, irreverent and so funny.

Check out their March 20th episode on the US Women’s Soccer Team Lawsuit.


“Be the Boss of Your Career” on Bossed Up , the weekly podcast featuring Bossed Up founder, Emilie Aries, and industry experts tackling common career challenges and offering practical advice.

Check out the June 12th episode on Self-Care Tips for When You Don’t Have Time.


A Few Things with Claire and Erica Hosts Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, co-founders of the emerging design site Of a Kind, expand upon the theme of their highly popular “10 Things” newsletter to share their latest and greatest discoveries. Each episode drills down into the nitty-gritty of two to four finds—covering topics across food, beauty, technology, literature, you name it—and often features a guest who has insider intel to contribute.

Check out Episode 105 for an interview with author Celeste Ng.


On Skimm’d from the Couch theSkimm's co-founders and co-CEOs, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, invite powerful female leaders to sit down and chat about everything from celebrating career wins to the worst advice they've ever received. It’s an inside look at what it’s really like on the road to success. No BS, no sugarcoating.

Check out the July 4th interview with Valerie Jarrett.


Switch, Pivot or Quit host Ahyiana Angel successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a traditionally published author. On this podcast she shares her tips in addition to interviewing seasoned professional women who provide clarity and practical tactics, and help listeners walk away with actionable items for improving their personal and professional lives.

Her September 23rd episode is with Gutsy Girl author, Kate White.


On Happier with Gretchen Rubin Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Hollywood writer Elizabeth Craft, host weekly episodes that share strategies, stories and tips to help people understand themselves better and live happier lives.

Check out the June 12th episode on Cultivating Casual Friendships.


The only move that matters is your next one!  Listen to the Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake for all the books, tools and resources to help you make your next move!

Episode 133 is all about strategies to free up your time so you can be more productive!


Billed as “the black feminist podcast of your dreams”, co-hosts Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillian Cottom offer uncommon, insightful and entertaining reads of the politics and pop culture that shape our world today.

Check out the Badass Leadership 101 episode.


On Small Doses with Amanda Seales Comedian Amanda Seales doesn’t just make you laugh – she makes change by sharing her weekly doses of “potent truths for everyday use”.

Check out the “Side Effects of Shame” episode with Jameela Jamil.


Hosted by Two Broads Talking Politics, the #VoteHerIn podcast series, covers the movement to elect our first woman POTUS. Every other Friday, the hosts explore why electing our first woman president asap really, really matters, and how every woman can be a part of making this happen. 

The July 18 episode is an interview with author Rebecca Sive.

We also have some Badass Women’s Book Club members who host podcasts!  Jenny Lisk hosts The Widowed Parent Podcast, Tammy Gooler Loeb hosts Work from the Inside Out, and Cheryl Heyse hosts Quirky Corporate Chicks. Check them out!

For a full list of books, resources and gifts for badass women (including many of my favorites!) visit the Badass Women’s Book Club page.


Gina Warner