August Roundup: Recommendations from the Badass Women's Book Club Members

Summer is drawing to a close - but these recommendations are still hot! Check out what your fellow Badass Women’s Book Club members are reading, watching, doing and listening to this month!

What all the Badass Women are reading…


It’s *almost* back-to-school time around here – which made it a great time to check out Laurie Gelman’s new book in the Class Mom series -  You’ve Been Volunteered – which again follows badass, anti-PTA mom hero, Jen Dixon. (Seriously, leaving behind the drama of elementary school PTA makes the transition to high school this year a bit easier!)  Speaking of PTA drama this real-life story of preschool parent battles in Brooklyn reads like fiction.  Or maybe horror.


You’ll definitely want to get your copy before their big reunion. Zig-a-zig AH.


A fellow member suggested The Cut podcast episode with Taffy Brodesser-Akner, author of Fleishman is in Trouble.  On the podcast the author reads an excerpt from the book and once I heard it, I was hooked and had to buy it to see how it ends!  The author does a fantastic job of luring your into this poor husband’s story – and then totally flips your expectations in both surprising and thoughtprovoking ways.


What all the Badass Women are Watching…

Check out Meghan Markle’s interview with Michelle Obama. They talk about motherhood, empowering girls and advice for their younger selves!

This trailer for an upcoming original series featuring former first lady Michelle Obama giving advice to students starting college. It’s a 10-episode series and it debuts September 4th!

The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu because The Testaments, Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale book comes out in September!

This trailer for Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (be sure to check this article before you watch the movie!) and this trailer for Bombed about the 2016 Fox News sexual harassment scandal. Both hit theaters on December 20th!

What all the Badass Women are doing…

Downloading free posters celebrating women role models! Get your copies here!

Hosting podcasts! This new book by Kristen Meinzer is the how-to-guide for any badass woman who is thinking about starting a podcast.  It’s full of practical advice from a true expert – Meinzer is the co-host of By the Book, a podcast for true self-help lovers (and haters!).  And if you are looking for some great podcasts to listen to, check out my recent blog post about badass women authors who also host podcasts!

And if time spent listening to podcasts is eating into your reading time – no worries!  Turns out you’re still smarter just for having those books around!

What all the Badass Women are listening to…

Badass Music!  From Dolly and the Highway Women to Lizzo, it’s been a summer of badass women and their badass music!

For a full list of books, resources and gifts for badass women (including many of my favorites!) visit the Badass Women’s Book Club page.

Gina Warner